Sled Hill

The Vernon Hills Park District's unsupervised sled hill located at the north end of Century Park on Indianwood Drive is the only area in the District where sledding is allowed. Sledding is permitted when snow is considered by the District to be deep enough. Check the posted sign at the sled hill to see if sledding is permitted on any given day.

The following rules apply to the sled hill:

* Danger - use sled hill at your own risk
* Users assume full responsibility for determining if the conditions are safe for sledding
* Parents are responsible for children - no supervision is provided
* Use caution when sledding and be considerate of others
* Sledding is permitted only in designated areas on the side of the hill intended for sledding
* Sledding is a hazardous activity and presents substantial risk

Additionally, the District's new warming shelter, Century Park North Pavilion, is located near the sled hill at 1401 Indianwood Drive. The restrooms are open daily from 7:00 am - 9:00 pm. On weekends, when the sled hill or ice rink are open, the pavilion will be staffed from 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm and will offer ice skate rentals and concessions sales.


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For your safety...

always sled with a buddy!

Please call the weather hotline for sled hill openings.
















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