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Drop-in group exercise classes are offered at both the Lakeview Fitness Center & Sullivan Community Center. Visit both facilities to add variety to your workout!

Participants must be at least 14 years of age, a Lakeview Fitness Member, or have a Fitness Punch Pass, to participate in group exercise classes. Non-members may also pay a daily admission fee.

Class Descriptions

Barre & Tone: A total body workout that lifts your seat, tones your thighs, and burns fat in record-breaking time.

Body Shock: Get the most out of your workout and escape the plateau with constant variety. Challenge your body each week with a new method of exercise. From core and flexibility to barbell strength, you will conquer it all.

Cardio Mix: A variety of cardio formats are built into this high energy multi-level class with a focus on building cardio endurance.

Core & More: This class focuses on strength, movement and balance challenges through the use of the body's core muscles.

Cycle: Enjoy this high energy cycle class set to motivating music to really get you going.

Cycle & Abs: Finish your ride with core strengthening exercises.

F.I.R.E. (Forty/Twenty Interval Repeated Exercises): Come feel the "burn" with this high intensity cardio class. Based on intervals and AMRAP's. Lower intensity modifications will be shown.

F.I.T. (Fast Intense Training): Challenge yourself beyond traditional training with this high intensity, functional workout. Programming will be the same for all participants. Workload can be modified or scaled in intensity and weight. Workouts may take place in the cardio/weight room, group ex room, hallway or outside Lakeview Fitness Center.

Hatha Yoga: Basic yoga poses that are either held for longer periods of time to increase flexibility or to build muscle and bone strength. All movement is coordinated through breath.

Interval Training: This class combines cardio and muscle toning all in one high/low workout.

Kickboxing Level 1: The movement and energy of boxing, aerobic and martial arts. Often using boxing gloves and bare feet.

Kickboxing Level 2: Designed to take students to an advanced level of boxing. Body combat/core strength along with self-defense is taught. Boxing bags and gloves will be provided. Level 1 or similar training elsewhere required before admittance to Level 2.


Muscle Works:All body muscle conditioning clss that will add strength utilizing barbells, free weights and body weight movements.

Pilates Plus: This class is specifically designed to increase core strength, balance and flexibility.

Piloxing: A mix of pilates and boxing moves into a fat torching, muscle sculpting, core centric interval workout that is guaranteed to whip you in shape!

Power Step: Not your traditional step class, this high intensity cardio workout will really get your heart pumping.

Senior Fitness: This is a light to moderate class that works on slowly improving overall flexibility, balance, cardio endurance and muscle tone. Progressive flexibility allows for full range of motion which enhances daily living. Activities are low impact.

Strength & Balance: Non-aerobic, low impact class that will improve muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and balance.

Sunrise Yoga: A perfect way to start your day! This class will incorporate a mix of balancing poses and stretches that will awaken the body, mind and spirit.

Total Body Conditioning: An all encompassing workout designed to produce total body results. This fast moving workout conditions your cardiovascular system and nearly every muscle group in your body.

Vinyasa Yoga: Practice of yoga poses that flow through Vinyasa sequences.

Water Aerobics: A medium to low impact water exercise for everyone who wants to improve cardio endurance and enhance body tone. Basic swimming skills are required.

Zumba: Dance your way to a fitter you. This class incorporates unique Latin rhythms with calorie burning dance movements.

Zumba Gold: based on the same dance moves used in Zumba, the Gold class provides routines designed for beginners and older adults using modified movements.

Zumba Toning: Blends body-sculpting techniques and Zumba into one calorie-burning strength-training workout.


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